Fees & Insurance

Our practice is split about 80%-20% between Private Pay patients and those who use their group insurance.

Insurances Plans Accepted

These plans are accepted by most of our listed providers, however, please be specific when asking about a provider and the insurance plans they accept.

Benefits for these plans differ greatly from insurance plan to insurance plan, as well as from employer plans using the same carrier. We will make every effort to contact your carrier to verify benefits.

We add the major insurance carriers for Mental Health coverage as they grow in our Market. If  your insurance is provided by group coverage from a company that is mainly outside of Alabama and has a limited number of employees in the state, in many cases they will work with us on a "case specific" basis. However, it would be the patient's responsibility to arrange for the insurance company to call our office.

We will also file all types of insurance, however, if we do not have a contract with the carrier to provide services, and they do not call regarding a "case specific" arrangement, then we will ask for full payment at the time of services.