sampleSince emotional, mental and psychological problems are oftentimes difficult to define, it is usually a good idea to have a thorough psychological evaluation completed.  ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Autism are just some of the disorders that require a thorough assessment.   IQ testing and testing of emotional and personality functioning are also helpful in developing therapeutic goals.  With a thorough assessment, the provider and client can gather needed information to assist in determining the correct diagnoses, treatment goals, recommendations for treatment and education/understanding of what you or your loved one is going through.  When we have a better understanding of what is the underlying problem, treatment is more appropriate and successful.  SPS does not use a cookie cutter approach to assessment, but rather tailors the evaluation to the information needed and the individual problem. In addition, use of evaluation results can help with educational planning, IEP development, and specific recommendations for accomodations within an academic setting.